Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nothing Better!

I have decided there is nothing better than 2 boys and beautiful weather. We have had temperatures in the 90s since the weekend. I had hoped to post last week but did not have the chance. Things have been crazy.

Austin has started T ball and is quite the hoot! 4 year olds swinging bats can be a little scary at times. They are all so cute and he really loves it. We were surprised at how fast he has blended with the other kids. Shane is acting as assistant coach and Austin is going between the groups at practice without difficulty. We were scared he would be clingy. He also enjoys cheering on his teammates. Since the weather has been nice, he has gone to play golf 2 times and wants to play outside almost every day. He has more energy than I think I would even know what to do with.

T ball practice - stretching, fielding and hitting

Caleb likes it outside too. He has enjoyed his stroller rides and swing on the swing set. Last week he had his 6 month well check. Beefcake now weighs in at 17 pounds 8 ounces and is over 26 inches long. His attempts to sit up are becoming much more successful. Last weekend, he actually showed us that he can sit up for about 15 seconds before finally toppling over. He continues to limit his bottle intake at times but they think that is due to the reflux. He will usually take the bottles for me once we get home at night. He will eat food from a spoon from whoever places it close to his mouth! We are still waiting for his first tooth but continue to think it will show up at any time due to the crankiness and constant drool!

Caleb's New Favorite Game:
Where's the baby?

There he is!!

Caleb's first attempts at sitting...

Did not last long and ended like this! (no babies were injured!!)

On a more serious note, my grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer about a month or so ago. She went in for surgery last Tuesday and has had good and bad days since. Yesterday, they decided that she must have a bowel perforation and took her back to surgery last night (as per her decision). I immediately went to Greenville to be with my dad. Things went well but she is very sick and still on the ventilator this afternoon. We can only hope for the best over the next 48 hours. Please keep the entire family in your prayers.

Last, I went and had the boys' pictures made on Saturday afternoon. They turned out great! If you are in the Cary or Greenville area, I cannot say enough good things about Portrait Innovations. They rock! My sister went today to get Carter's pictures taken and said the studio in Greenville did an awesome job as well. Until next time.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone has had a great Easter! Our morning was not how I envisioned it should be as Austin arrived at our bed carrying his new Wii game in hand and already wearing the new flip flops the Easter Bunny had left! We did not talk to him much about the bunny last night since he had made it clear that that thing was not to come into his house. When he got to the bed I asked him did he know who the gifts were from and he said no. After I explained that the Easter Bunny left them, he just said ok and went about his business. No questions asked.

The boys and I spent the last 2 days in Greenville with my family and getting to see the new baby. Austin thinks he is pretty cool and can't seem to remember that Caleb was once a little baby too! He held the baby a couple of times and sat for longer than I thought he would. He tried so hard to make him smile and laugh and just doesn't understand that he won't do those things yet. Carter is very cute and seems to be a good baby. We tried to get good pictures of the three of them but you can see that Caleb was just basically laying there wanting the commotion to die down.

Caleb had his first stomach virus and vomited every day for 5 days. After 2 days of being "well," he screamed his head off at day care for 2 hours straight only to find that he had his first ear infection. We are hoping that this is not the trend but he continues to be stuffy sounding every day. He is enjoying his food and is starting to get into the fruits. Once he starts eating good, he doesn't want to stop. He is laughing and smiling all the time.

Austin should be starting tee ball soon. We are just waiting for the coach to call. He is so excited. We went to the Holly Springs free for all Easter Egg Hunt and he was happy with the eggs he got. They also had one at school and he seemed to have a good time. He continues to love Wii bowling where he scored 279 tonight. For those of you who aren't familiar, that means he got strikes for every frame but one where he got 9 the first time and got the spare! He is better than me!

We are hoping to get more pictures once the weather gets warmer. We have had several warm days but then go back to cold again. Hopefully, things will stay warm soon. Until next time.....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our First Look!

Here is our first look at Carter without the tubes of the NICU. This was taken from Grandpa's phone. We will get more pictures soon!