Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ear tubes, Turkey, and Trees, Oh My!

We have been pretty busy over the past month. At the top of our list has been the health of poor little Caleb. He had his 5th ear infection in early November and we headed to the ENT. After 4 days of antibiotics, the ENT asked me if I had been giving him his medicine because his ears still looked horrible. We went the following week for ear tubes. The following Monday he was supposed to get vaccinations and they assured me to just bring him on unless he had a fever. Being the great PA/mom that I am, I never thought to check his ears. When we arrived, the ever-so-wonderful nurse practitioner asked very nicely if I had not noticed the gobs of gook coming into his ear canals. He went back on antibiotics. By Thanksgiving day, he had hand, foot and mouth. I was sure that was what it was but we went back to the doctor on Monday. We seem to be in the clear so far this week, but then again it is only just beginning!!

We spent Thanksgiving at home and ate with our wonderful neighbors who we might as well call family. It was a relaxing day since I had to work on Friday. Austin tried to cause a little commotion by falling into the outside firepit. Gasp, sigh, and wonder if this is for real! You know it is the truth. I had gone to take leftovers home and Austin was not sitting in the chair as he should. From what I understand he fell forward into the firepit and then was pulled out by Andy, his trusty wing man if you will. He was more upset that he was pulled out by his hoodie hat than about falling. He had one little scratch and some black soot under his eyes but otherwise weathered another storm just fine!

We put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. I got a burst of energy so Austin and I put up all of the inside decorations at once. He was a lot of help and was excited to be involved. We tried several times to get a picture for the Christmas card in front of the tree but were never successful at getting the two of them to smile at the same time. Caleb is on his own terms but is cute as can be when he decides to smile.

Well, it is back to battling the Christmas crowds. I do believe I might just do it from my computer! Until next time...