Sunday, November 4, 2007


We are not doing as well as we had hoped with updating, but here is the latest! We have had a pretty eventful month. We went on a trip to Vegas with our neighbors for a surprise 60th birthday party. Despite many attempts by the guys to ruin the surprise, the guest of honor was totally shocked that we all showed up out there. Even though Shane was not successful in gambling, we had a great time. Somehow, the girls always find a beautiful man no matter where we go (see the picture below). Also of note: I think that we should be entitled to $200 of the $2 million the FBI took from David Copperfield since that is what we spent to see his show. (It was amazing though!)

Austin has been having lots of fun as well. Halloween turned out to be fun as we walked way too far through our neighborhood. We had some confusion over what he wanted to be. We had agreed on a pirate but he continued to tell everyone at school that he was going to be Spiderman. Without too much protest he collected way too much candy. Dad has been teaching the Beavis and Butthead look as you can see from one of the pictures. Luckily he has not caught on to the voice yet! He had his first trip to Bullwinkle's in October. We were going to the State Fair but it started to rain. We opted for the crazy Chuck E Cheese look a like. He had a blast since we were one of 5 families there. They have games and a big climbing thing with a slide. Last, Austin has mastered his bike (with training wheels of course). We will try to get some pictures for next time.

ECU has been on a roll with this football season. We have tailgated before every game. Austin has enjoyed hanging out and trying to convince someone to give him a beer. His favorite part so far has been hanging out with Mr. Rob. Yes, we think Mr. Rob has enjoyed it too!!

Until next time. . .