Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's been a while!

So things have gotten somewhat crazy around our house and the blog has been on the back burner. Having 2 rugrats just seems to consume every hour of the day (and night to be exact)! Once we get home at night it seems the time flies by. Since last time, there was another snow. That's right! 2 times in one year! This time things went a little more smoothly around the area and daycare wasn't even closed. Austin enjoyed seeing the snow again even though he did not get much playtime. Things with mom and dad still consist of all work and very little play unless of course one of the boys does something fun and we tag along!

Austin is continuing to be a blossoming 4 year old. Take that as you want to! He is learning to talk back and thinks he knows everything. We had our teacher conference at school and he is doing well. He has mastered all of the skills for the young 4 year old and is ready for Pre-K next year. His teacher claims that he is an angel on most days. I think we need her or some of these other people to come live with us and rub off on his behavior at home. He is very over protective of Caleb and does not want to leave him anywhere by himself. Usually he is good at helping to look out for the baby but has his moments there as well. We have signed him up for T-ball and that will start next month. Maybe that will release some pent up energy. He has enjoyed practicing with dad in the yard. Last weekend, he and dad went to a hockey game with some of our neighbors. He had a blast. It does not matter what sport it is, he will generally pay attention. It has become slightly annoying to dad though since Austin is constantly wanting to know the score, who is winning, who is losing, why the guy is falling down, etc. It is constant questioning the entire time he is watching. This has also caused him to become somewhat of a sports geek! He knows the names and numbers of all of the Carolina basketball players and knows the other teams by their mascot or school logo. He also gets a kick out of upsetting dad by claiming he is pulling for a team that he knows he is not supposed to like!!!

Caleb is growing right before our eyes. He is stilling giving us challenges with eating. He has days when he does not want to eat for daycare but definitely makes up for it when he gets home and has mommy time. He will take a bottle great for me but still does not really like cereal from a spoon. He has taken some peas and carrots but is temperamental. He also is not sleeping through the night yet. We have our fingers crossed and just know that one night he will surprise us! We are in the process of introducing formula and already have had to change due to what we perceive as fussiness possibly from the formula or its effects on his reflux. He had to go to the doctor last week due to not eating and questionable wheezing and weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds 10 ounces. I guess he is nutritionally sound despite the issues! He will now roll over if he is not feeling too lazy, likes being on his tummy, and tries to sit by himself. He will also give a good belly laugh every once in awhile. We got a new infant swing for the swingset and he enjoyed that on Sunday. He was actually content for more than 10 minutes in one place!

Well, I guess that is all that has been going on really. The frantic pace of daily life is enough to keep us occupied. We are looking forward to the summer and warmer days ahead.