Monday, October 19, 2009

The Big One Year Old!

This past Saturday was Caleb's first birthday! He has had many firsts over the past week. The Monday before his birthday, he took off walking! He has not looked back since. He is all over the place but most enjoys following Austin. Friday before our trip to Greenville, we turned his car seat around and he had his first forward facing ride. It was much more eventful for us than him. He slept the entire way! Saturday he went tailgating and to his first Pirate football game. It was so cold and needless to say he was unimpressed. He did clap several times but wanted to get down and walk through the bleachers. He and I spent the 2nd half in the Pirate Club building where he took a nap. He also has had his first taste of whole milk and has decided that he does not like it cold out of the fridge. We will have to conquer this along with his protest of the sippy cup in the next week or so. He will be having his official birthday party this Sunday and we will post more pictures after that.

Austin has been doing well too. He has learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. It is kind of hard to teach him in our neighborhood due to lack of open area so he took his bike to Nana and Grandpa's for the wide open space. It did not take long at all. He also saw a baby calf pretty much right after being born. We were thankful we did not ride by several minutes earlier!

We have the costumes in place for Halloween and have lots of plans for next weekend. We will post more pictures after the party Sunday so stay tuned!