Monday, June 30, 2008

Never A Dull Moment

Since we first announced the pregnancy, there has been some minor drama. Sickness continued on a daily basis with some days being better than others. The fatigue has been extreme and to the point that if there is no afternoon nap, things are much slower than normal. At 16 weeks we went for a regular check-up and took the information provided by Austin's daycare earlier that week about a child having Fifth Disease. After talking to the doctor, he decided it would be best to check that and several other things just to be sure that the sickness was only from the pregnancy. After waiting 4 days, the call came at 9:15 one night from the doctor. There was good and bad news. The good news was that they now understood what was causing the extreme fatigue and sickness. The bad news was that it was definitely the Parvovirus or Fifth Disease. After freaking out completely, we have educated ourselves and are thankful it occurred at this point in the pregnancy. The only complication of this disease is that if the baby contracts the illness there is a 6-10% chance of it developing anemia and not making it to delivery. Due to this, we went to have a Level 2 Ultrasound back on May 28th. Things looked good then. We now have been doing weekly ultrasounds and will have to continue for a total of 10 weeks. Today, we had our 6th in the series and went back to the specialist. So far, so good. They told us somewhere along the way that by 24 weeks we should be out of the woods. Only 2 weeks left.

Through all of these trips, we have gotten quite a picture album on the little munchkin. We found out that it is indeed another boy and it has been confirmed on several occasions. We both were very happy with the news, especially since we already have most everything we need! By the way, we still have not told Austin and are waiting a few more weeks. He has not even asked why mommy is getting so fat yet! The sickness slowed down by about 20 weeks and now the nausea is only there in the morning for the most part.

Austin has had several new adventures over the past several months. He is very excited about his new swingset. It was a neighborhood project just to get the thing together. He went to his first Durham Bulls baseball game of the season. He now understands and will actually watch the game. He also went to the driving range for the first time. He did very well hitting the ball but does not understand why you have to come home. He will be moving up to the 4 year old class at school next week and we are fully prepared for several weeks of horrible behavior since he deals with change so well.

We will keep you up to date but are hoping everything is downhill from here!!


randy said...

somebody please buy shane a razor. That's at least 6 mos worth of stubble.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy-
Dont know but you saw your comment. Hilarious...maybe he can borrow austin's?

Jen said...

How scary! I am glad to hear that things are looking well and you will be in the clear in a couple weeks. Hang in there and get to feeling better soon!