Friday, September 26, 2008

Coming Down the Home Stretch!

Over the past several months, we have been very busy as you can imagine. The pregnancy seems to be moving along smoothly at this point. We finished all of our ultrasounds for the Fifth Disease and that all came out fine. Through all of those pictures though they found out that this boy has big kidneys just like Austin did and after another ultrasound 2 weeks ago, they decided he will have to see the pediatric urologist. We are very relieved as things could have been a lot worse. They also discovered that he has the potential to be a big one. He weighed in at 5 pounds 10 ounces at 33 weeks. The doctor continues to believe that he should just fall right out like Austin did. I am not so sure about that at this point!

Austin found out that he was getting a little brother about 2-3 months ago. At first he just wanted to take the baby out but now is better about being gentle. He is very excited when talking about everything he will be able to do to help. We have not settled on a name just yet but he has come up with some interesting choices.

We went for "vacation" in August and it is in quotes because it was mom's education trip for work at Myrtle Beach. Having the seminars broadcast into the hotel room made things very convenient! Austin and dad went to the water park at the resort or went out for a while letting mom "watch" a seminar or two every day. Austin had a blast at the water park going down the slides and just playing around. There was a lot of wind so we did not spend much time on the beach. He also played his first 9 holes of par 3 golf with Dad one morning. Evidently he is pretty darn good. We just have to work on the putting. To end the week, we headed back to Raleigh for the Wiggles concert on Friday night. Yes, that's right! The Wiggles! He had a great time dancing, singing and actually getting to shake hands with a couple of the guys. It was more entertaining than Elmo!

At school, Austin has moved up to a Pre-K class even though he will not be old enough for kindergarten next year. His teacher is pretty hard core but he seems to be responding well. He is getting better at writing his letters and wants to cut up everything. He also is getting better at picking up on other kid's bad habits.

Today is Austin's 4th Birthday. It is funny how it seems he just yesterday started to talk. (Now at times we wish we could shut him up!) We went to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner and let him play some games. He got a new scooter and a PeeDee the pirate picture for his room. We will be having his birthday party in another week due to the football game this weekend. (By the way, he loves ECU football and will sit and watch an entire game!) He is very excited to have his friends over. It will be a sports theme and Dad has plans of painting the yard for lots of games. We will get pictures next time!

If everything goes as planned, we may get induced at 38 weeks so our next post may include the big revealing of the newest Renn family member. We will definitely let you know when anything interesting happens!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Austin! From Mr. Randy

WK said...

Happy Birthday Austin!

Hope you have lots of fun at your party.

Wendy and family

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Austin,
Jay and I are looking forward to your party. We love you, and please tell mommy and daddy thanks for sharing.
Love Aunt Linda