Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Plans Are in Place

It is official. We will go to the hospital Friday at 6AM for induction. I have been placed on "bed rest" due to blood pressure issues. It had been creeping up for a while but on Friday I felt like something just was not right and my blood pressure turned out to be pretty high. I was put on bed rest for the weekend and did some more tests yesterday. Everything is still semi-normal but according to the doctor I am sitting on the fence post for pre-eclampsia. We will buy a few more days by just staying on bed rest. I go back on Thursday just for a blood pressure check but Friday is definitely the day.

Over the past few weeks, we have definitely slowed down a bit due to my ever expanding figure and increased shortness of breath when moving around. Austin had his birthday party. It turned out not as elaborate as we had hoped but a fun time for all. After having a hissy and not wanting anyone to sing Happy Birthday, he had a great time passing out cake to his friends and opening presents. They had pumpkin decorating at school today and he had a great time making a huge mess. He started by painting his Duke Blue but then realized what he was doing and the end product definitely has more of a Carolina coloring. He was very adamant that it was for his dad! We think that he is starting to understand that the baby is coming soon. Last night we put up the Pack N Play in our bedroom and I think he got a little upset when he realized that the baby would be staying in our room. We went on Sunday and had his 4 year old pictures taken as well as a few others. They are below. Just what we needed, proof of the major expansion my body has undertaken.

Well, I cannot guarantee that we will get a post up right away from the hospital but we will let everyone know just as soon as our new little one arrives! Have a great week!


Shannon & Kevin said...

We are glad to hear that you guys now know when the little one is coming and that everyone is ok! Kevin and Brad were both wondering why they couldn't find Shane today! We wish you best of luck, and can't wait to see Austin's new brother!!!

Cale said...

Duke Blue huh? Maybe he's getting in touch with his inner Duke fan???

WK said...

Good luck Amber and Shane. Great pictures btw. I will keep you in my prayers and we will see you soon. Tell Austin the kids say "Hi".

Wendy & family

Felicia said...

Amber, you have never looked more beautiful, and Austin is gorgeous. Best wishes and your family is in my prayers.