Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Settling In

We are a week and a half into our new adventure. Things are actually going really well. Caleb is sleeping well. Last night we slept for about 4 hours at a stretch. He is an eating, peeing and pooping machine. We are keeping the diaper company in business right now! Everyday he is a little more alert and is staying awake for longer periods of time. Every now and then you will catch a smile (which I am sure is just a little gas!) but it makes it all worth while. Last week we went for a test on his kidneys and everything has checked out fine.

Austin is taking things very well. He is very proud of his new brother and will show him off to anyone. We went to his Halloween festival at school on Friday night and he had just as much fun showing the baby to everyone as he did playing the games. He enjoys holding him and talking to him. He was very proud to help with his first bath. He is also very fast to find out who or what is making the baby sad when he cries.

We will try to keep things up to date as much as possible. Some things just tend to go on the back burner when there is another mouth to feed and poopy diapers to be changed. Until next time...