Monday, May 18, 2009

7 Months Old!

Yesterday, Caleb turned 7 months old. Where has the time gone? He has now mastered sitting up and is enjoying playing with more toys in the floor. He occupied himself for about 30 minutes yesterday while I did some house work. Being the horrible mom that I am, I also let him watch his first TV program yesterday. He was cranky and no one could really make him happy so I took out Bear In the Big Blue House. This had been Austin's favorite show. The big bear did it again! Caleb was mesmerized. I guess once a week is not that bad! He also got the hang of eating puffs yesterday. I had given him several a few times before but he had not gotten any in his mouth. He was successful about 3 times I think out of the 15 he was given! Oh well, he was sure cute trying!
Not so sure I like these puffs!

I missed!

Reclining to watch Bear!
Austin had T-ball on Saturday morning bright and early. They got their pictures made and then had a game. He did a great job hitting the ball but continues to be easily distracted in the field by other players not necessarily doing like they should. I accidentally had the camera on the wrong setting so there is a little video of him hitting below. Sunday we were supposed to go to the Mudcats with his team but the game was rained out. He was bumbed but enjoyed playing the Wii with Daddy instead.

Click on the picture to watch the video below:

One last crazy, weird thing. My grandmother passed away 2 years ago yesterday. It was kind of wierd when they told me Caleb would be born on the 17th of October but I knew that the date had special meaning and that things would go great. Weird enough, her birthday was the 17th of November (too many 17s)! Anyway, after her funeral I was given a calla lilly plant that had been given to the family. (This is one of my favorite flowers.) Last year, Austin and I noticed that the plant got it's first flower on May 17th. This year, I looked on the 16th and no flowers. Yesterday I went out after the rain had stopped and sure enough, there were 2 "blooms" that were not there the day before. They were still green but definitely were more flowery than the day before. It is just weird to me how mysterious things happen every day.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy the day off from work!!