Saturday, May 9, 2009

T-Ball and Ear Infections

It has been quite a day in the 90 degree heat! Austin had his first T-ball game today. He woke up excited and wanted to dress right away but the game was not until 12:50. When he finally got dressed, he could not be cuter. Pants that are too big, socks that are too long, shirt tale to his knees but it all worked out in the end!

He did so well both in the field and hitting. The first time he hit the ball, he looked a little stunned and hesitated to run to first base. He got the hang of it fast and had a great time. Dad had a great time coaching as well. He was excited to have Nana, Grandpa and some of our neighbors there to watch! One of the moms has set up a website for his team: They are going to post pictures of games there.

Caleb was not fairing quite as well today. 2 nights ago I thought something was wrong because he had given me 3 nights in a row of great sleep. He proceeded to wake up and be very grumpy several times throughout the night. I had to work late last night and when I called home, he felt warm and sure enough had a temp of 101 by the time I got home. Motrin in and off to bed. He woke up three times last night and had a temp of 102.2 at 4am. I took him to the pediatrician at my office this morning and sure enough, he has ear infection #2. He has had a fever all day, sometimes up to 104 but has hung in there and has gone from lethargic to full of smiles at different times.

The look of leaving presents in one's diaper:

After the events of the day, everyone was pooped. Dad and Austin napped on the couch...

But Caleb began to get his second wind. (Click to watch the video.)

Luckily it did not last long and he has gone off to bed tonight without difficulty. We will see how long that lasts. Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day!