Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend was one of many firsts for everyone. It all started on Thursday night when Shane yelled to me from the other room with something resembling "He said it, he said it!!" He assured me that Caleb had just said his first word and guess what. The boys continue to dominate in our house because Dada was Caleb's first word. There was some baba mixed in there but after several minutes, I could not deny that he had definitely said Dada.

Friday was my birthday and Austin informed me earlier in the week that he was going to get me a special cake for my birthday. He was going to buy me a princess cake because mommy was the only girl in the house and was the only one who qualified for a princess cake. So, on Friday, I received the first "princess" cake that I have had in my entire 32 years. Austin had gone shopping and decided on the cake below because it was chocolate and had a "princess" on top. It is actually Tinkerbell but was a darn good cake. Austin also had a first when they took a trip to the nail salon to get my gift certificate. Shane said that he very quietly looked up and said "Daddy, are we getting our toes painted?" After a look of relief he then asked, "Do we get to wear masks?" I thought it was really cute.

Friday night, we cooked out with our neighbors. Austin got to eat his first marshmallow that he roasted himself over the fire. (Yes, it was really 80 degrees and there was a fire. Only on Onondaga Court do such things happen!!!)

On Saturday morning, we left for Caleb's first beach trip. We went to Atlantic Beach so the boys could spend some time with their cousins. Caleb was not so sure of the ocean or the sand.

He then proceeded to eat sand in mass quantities!

He had quite a nice conversation with his sunglasses. Press play to view the video.

But then decided he had had enough!

He had a nice time just playing on the deck with the breeze in his hair. (HaHa)

Austin had his first fishing experience later that night. He was really only interested in the fish once they were caught. Sitting still for any amount of time is a challenge.

On Sunday, we returned to the beach for a little more fun before returning home that night.

I wanted to include just some cute pictures as well. Austin is really starting to help entertain Caleb more and more. He is great at getting him to laugh. They seem to do well together without major injury yet.

Click on the play button to watch their fun!

Well, it was back to the same old same old today. Everyone survived the weekend and we had a pretty good time. Hope everyone else stayed safe. Until next time.......